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About the artist

Pink Gradient

Meet Brittany

Welcome to Ashcrafted Imagery! I am Brittany Ashcraft.  During the day I work as a therapist, and on evenings and weekends I create art using digital methods and acrylics. Both roles allow me to work with narratives, but in beautifully different ways.

Five years ago I decided that my long days spent as a trauma therapist were not balanced out by only bubble baths and meditation. I got a cheap set of watercolors and spent a year taking private illustration lessons. I honed my craft further through workshops and by joining the Western Pennsylvania Illustrators Society. The dichotomy between sitting with so much pain during the day and creating colorful vibrant works of art on evenings and weekends has been one of great significance for my wellbeing. Both are rewarding, challenging, and deeply stunning in what they produce. 


I create art woven with humor and whimsy inspired by my own life, and by the stories that others have graciously shared with me. I feel drawn toward creating works that reflect connection among humans and animals. I have a strong preference for pink, retro design, and bold palettes meant to bring warmth and light to my audience. 


I would be honored to create an illustration of your pet or share a print or painting to brighten up your home or maybe your therapy office ;)

For inquiries please contact me at

*I am not currently illustrating self published manuscripts, however if a publisher or agent agrees to work with your manuscript you are welcome to mention my name as a potential illustrator. 

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