Ollie and rene

A story of two mutts who fell in love. 

Early Years

In the early years, Ollie and Rene were getting to know each other. They stayed up late, went to fancy hotels, and had Netflix marathons. They were created from ink and watercolor and Rene's eyes were pretty weird. 

The Delilah Era

Like any self respecting millennial couple, they adopted a pet before getting married and having puppies. 

big transitions

About the time that Ollie and Rene got engaged, they were also transitioning to being created digitally. Here they are registering for wedding gifts. 

Wedding and honeymoon

Ollie and Rene (#rollie) had a lovely outdoor wedding with twinkly lights and a cupcake tree (vegan options were served). It was outside so everyone could pee. They enjoyed baguettes and coffee on their Paris honeymoon. Delilah stayed with grandma. 

The puppies!

This was an exciting day on social media, the birth of three sweet puppies: Spencer, Blake, and Olivia. They were born just months after the honeymoon (don't worry, they were conceived after the wedding but in dog years things just happen more quickly). 

Oh the puppies...

The good thing about being triplets is that you all get fixed on the same day. Rene waited until after their surgeries to introduce them to Disney+. 

Holidays 2019

Rene and Ollie are somewhere sharing a bottle of wine (not pictured) while the puppies get into a lot of trouble. It's about that time in parenthood when you don't know what day it is and you no longer care about keeping anything in your house white. 

January 2020





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